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Professional Life
Engagement, meaningful job assignments, common direction and values, professional growth, fairness, peers, processes, trust
Personal Time
Relationships, family, friends, hobbies, giving back, time management
Purpose & Satisfaction
Motivation, own direction, spirit, goals, priorities, drive, harmony of values and actions
Psychological Strength
Mental health, feeling of control, balance, stress management
Physical Health
Energy level, exercise, recovery, sleep, nutrition, physical fitness


The wellbeing industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Many new providers are offering a variety of solutions and programs with little or no accountability. Programs are self measured and therefore there is no objective way to verify the real impacts.
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Our research and evaluation tools feed into our living database, which creates real time results of our providers. As an independent body, we validate your work and boost your credibility.

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Our 3step approach lays the foundation for your program to have the most impact, with distinctively targeted needs, that are easy to understand and tailor around.

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WeBridge Oy is an international company with a worldwide network of client companies and organisations. Joining our network gives you access as well as new business opportunities with companies needing your expertise.

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