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Education Export

Fixing the broken feedback loop that makes mathematics difficult

Four Ferries is an educational technology company that offers solutions for hybrid learning in mathematics and STEM

Communication between teachers and students is enhanced with digital math tools, using the only known math checker of its kind, that provides teachers and students the support they need to succeed.

4Ferries was borne out of extensive research by it’s founder Professor Ralph Johan Back and his team from 2011 – 2017. WeBridge’s represents 4Ferries in Africa and shares the belief that mathematics is the cornerstone of logical thinking and the future of work.

Our work is extremely important given the poor maths grades by most students in the continent. Work has since started in Gambia, Senegal, IvoryCoast, and South Africa, with Nigeria and Kenya on the pipeline.


Infrastructure - Construction

The sustainable and affordable way of building houses

Block solutions invented a unique product for building homes faster, cheaper and stronger.

The LEGO-like structures make building homes much faster, are environmentally friendly with carbon footprint of close to zero, as well as durability of 100 plus years.

BlockSolutions started from an idea from its founder Markus Silfversberg to solve the need for quick, movable and durable construction products, faced by the United Nations during the Haiti earthquake. Two years later, BlockSolutions was born with a product as durable as concrete, and as easy to put together as lego blocks.

With a backlog of 50million homes in the African continent, we have set out to provide dignity through housing. Currently working in different parts of Africa, WeBridge’s work with Block-Solutions is focused on the West African region, ready to deploy two to three factories in 2021.


Innovation & Technology

Building profitable and impactful opportunities that change lives

Selected Finnish and African IT companies are matched to create solutions that solve latent community needs. In partnership with local organizations, we create the foundation for impactful future cross-border partnerships

Africa is the poorest continent yet has the biggest potential for growth. It is the hub for future industry and needs partnerships not funding. Nordic countries/ companies are experiencing shortages in qualified labor as well as a challenge to internationalize especially in the African markets.

Our project Increases staff innovation capacity and motivation to build a sustainable solution that creates impact in the selected local communities. Partnership with a major impact marketer, Governments, and third sector organizations/ institutions, means major visibility for participating companies. Additionally, the solutions will provide the possibility for future work.

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What guides our IMPACT

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face.

At WeBridge, we only work with companies that provide solutions for one or more of these goals and their 169 targets.

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