A learning journey
with real impact

We support companies and organisations from Finland and the African continent in expanding their business and impact.

Remode is a market entry accelerator that initiates partnerships, develops capacities and sparks new ideas for real change.

How it works? This is how the program
looks like
What participants get
How it works?
Your whole Remode journey lasts for 8 months and it’s divided into sections. The Remode program requires one or two employees from your organisation to commit to this. These individuals from your organisation form your “Remode team”.
This is how the program looks like

PART A - Application and Validation

Let’s see if our purposes match. You get to know Remode personally before committing to anything. We want to know your business goals and also understand your personal reasons for applying to the program.


Fill in your Remode application here

We let you know in a week if we believe that the Remode program and your organisation could be a match. Application period ends 15.2.2020.


We want to understand your goals and reasons behind applying to make sure the program can support you. After this we both decide if our business and impact goals are aligned.

You will know if you are chosen to the program by 5.3.2020.

PART B - Matchmaking

We match your organisation with one or two partners from Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal or Finland based on your business and impact goals. After the Matchmaking process you will have your own Remode team to work with.

We believe this creates a shared purpose for all participants. One Remode team consists of one to two people from each of the following organisations:

  • A company from one of the African countries
  • A company from Finland
  • An NGO, institution or association from one of the African countries and/or Finland

PART C - Implementation

Our shared goal is to maximise your learning about your target market:

  1. What is the most effective way to enter it with real impact
  2. Direct cultural and business experience to truly understand what is needed to succeed there

This is the most valuable part of your journey with your Remode team members. We support you with weekly mentoring and group sessions.

Implementation section lasts for 2-3 months. It begins with a kick off event and ends with a celebration to share our most valuable learnings.

What participants get

In addition to entering a new market, our biweekly sessions cover market entry, inclusion, cultural competence, early adopter recognition, scalability and more to maximise the success probability of your market entry.

Do you want to learn how your organisation can specifically benefit from this program?
Send in the application and we will explain the process in more detail.
The Remode Team

Your Remode program mentors are Oki Tåg and Pierre Jallow.

Oki Tåg

Oki has over 20 years of hands-on business experience, which gives him a "no BS" attitude to coaching organisations. He is a sought after advisor especially for early-stage startups - a jack-of-all-trades, who loves to see people succeed. On top of Remode, he is currently creating startup incubation programs, creating new ventures, coaching founders and learning to learn faster.

Pierre Jallow

Pierre is a cultural competence and wellbeing expert, having created and led multiple EU and Africa based projects in the past 20 years. He has extensive networks in the Nordics, Baltics and Africa, is passionate about making a positive impact and is leading multiple market entry projects in several African countries, focused on the education, construction, and Information Technology sectors.
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