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Cross-cultural competency is among the 6 most important skills for the future workforce because innovation will be dependent on collaboration with actors from different backgrounds, combining their expertise to create something new. We therefore see this much needed skill of the future in the pursuit of knowledge, increase of skills and the change in attitude towards communicating with people from other backgrounds.

We help you and your team be more culturally self-aware, increase your culture specific knowledge of the partner country, and improve your socio-linguistic awareness.

We use research and our cumulative expertise from working, living and teaching in over 40 countries to ease your entry.

Developing intercultural skills requires an understanding of the differences and commonality between perceptions, values and practices. We help you understand the world from your partners’ perspective and develop your listening, observation and evaluation skills.

As qualified administrators, we use the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and the Map Bridge Integrate (MBI) tools

We see attitudes as evaluations people make of other people, acquired through their own biased experiences. If unchecked, attitudes trigger automatic responses that can have immediate negative consequences.

We use tools such as the Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) to create short and long term action points that develop your skillset, on your road to more meaningful business relationships

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