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We promote and enhance wellbeing at work around the world. Our Values include: making a positive difference, teamwork and fun, and priorities based balance.

As an employer, we provide a safe, healthy and fun working environment with growth opportunities and positive employee experiences. Personalized on-boarding, tutoring and mentoring are equally important for us. We hope to stay in touch even after our former employees have moved on to other professional engagements.

As consultants, we aim at working in close co-operation with our clients long term, and promise to do our best in delivering and meeting the expectations of our clients at all times in a cost-effective manner. We encourage high but voluntary employee interactive participation, engagement, trust and renewal attitude.

As a business partner, we focus on finding win-win solutions and innovative forms of co-operation. We believe multi-cultural teams with different backgrounds and personalities are stronger than mono-cultural ones.

In research, our approach is holistic and multi-disciplinary, and of course academically validated. We aim at addressing complicated issues before they become problems.

We handle all personal information with utmost confidentiality and privacy. We assign each respondent with a number, so the identity and results cannot be matched by anyone outside WeBridge Oy. Therefore, we prefer to use personal email addresses for individual reports and recommendations.

As corporate citizen, we strive to deliver more than we promise, pay all taxes and give back to communities, save energy, utilize digital marketing, clean technologies and means of transportation.

We will under no circumstances engage in tracking the location of our clients nor that of any individual staff member.