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Who are you comparing yourself to?

Who are you comparing yourself to?

Oct 5, 2020

The increased possibility to share personal information, makes it is easy to see what is happening in other peoples' lives and compare ourselves to the next person or family. We know that most people share only the best attributes of themselves and many times paint them rosier than what they actually are. However, one is still likely to start thinking about what I should have or do more.

Comparing in itself can be good as it can be a source of motivation, or a way of boosting your self esteem. However, in WeBridge's work, we routinely see this as one of the causes of stress or discontent, and consequently, a contributing factor to work and personal challenges. You can always find someone who has more than you and that singular focus is not sustainable. As a remedy, it is important to self-reflect and answer the question: what is the best version of you? This is very personal and so is your own level of success. Try to be clear about both and what they mean to you.

Once you find that clarity, then measure yourself with your own scale. Try to develop habits that help you adhere to the best version of yourself. When you occasionally fail to measure up, be kind to yourself and give yourself another chance. We are often too hard on ourselves, failing to celebrate our successes.

These tips may sound simple but they are difficult to implement. Reach out if there's a need and we will be glad to recommend someone from our network of best experts in this area.