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The journey to reclaim my mind

Oct 5, 2020

It has been 6 months since i realized my level of deep thinking was somehow compromised. Upon further self-reflection I noticed that social media had a big role in that distortion. My appetite for scrolling down the LinkedIn posts or the latest gossip on Facebook was growing, worse was the constant thought of the next post. However, the worst part was the desire to check for likes and comments. This clearly started to affect my interactions both personal and work related, and especially my ability to ‘deep think’. For me, deep thinking represents a clear focus on a topic for hours, thinking beyond my mind’s default and thereby forcing me outside the box. This is a multi-layered process for me, with the end result being a more fulfilled and positive me.

Therefore, I decided to stop what I thought was the biggest culprit ‘posting messages’ and drastically reduce the other, ‘scrolling’. Obviously, my fears particularly of irrelevance and how it affected my business/ bottom-line weighed on me. First days and weeks were full of anxiety especially when I started receiving a few mails from people who hadn’t heard from me, who genuinely liked my posts and mentioned some that inspired them. This was almost crippling, because I always thought that if what I write inspires one person, then that is my drive to continue to write. However, I had to stay focused on the bigger picture…regaining my ability to focus on a single topic for much longer periods.

As the next weeks progressed, the anxiety waned, the thought of irrelevance subsided and I began to regain my full sense of clarity and focus allowing me to deep think. I am glad to say that I am still alive, still working on exciting projects, still relevant in my different areas of work and expertise, and much happier. The best part is regaining my ability to focus on a single topic for much longer periods.

As our (humans) attention span continues to narrow, I wonder how cognizant we are of the changes to our thoughts and minds. I hope and wish that self-reflection and mindfulness become our everyday mantras and taught in schools, because if my generation can be affected by these diseases of FOMO, MOMO etc (google them if you have time:), then what becomes of the next generation?

Social media is one of the most powerful tools of our time and has helped elevate many people. I am thankful to have a platform (albeit small) to express my occasional crazy thoughts and I am going to start posting a lot more, now I feel like I’m back to my normal state  (although I wouldn’t recommend to hold your breath if you do not hear from me). However, I am a lot more mindful of the ills and I am grateful for having the courage to stop when I saw some of the warning signs. Hope you do the same!

Pierre Jallow CEO WeBridge