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Oct 5, 2020

It is vacation time and in the next month and a half, most offices in Scandinavia will be virtually empty. Although in a short term it might seem negative from an employer standpoint, the positive effects this time off has on employees is priceless. The benefits of relaxing and rebooting without pressure, is underrated and we hope wherever you are, you can take time off during this midsummer and coming vacation, to do the things that contribute to your wellbeing and happiness.

We believe the best work approach is smart work, where you aim to be most efficient within your allotted work time. In practice, this means eliminating distractions and using tools or methods that enhance productivity such as the Pomodoro technique, David Allen’s ‘getting things done’, Seinfeld’s ‘don’t break the chain’ etc. All these tools help you to have maximum focus on the most important things, in a limited period of time. Long periods of focus are not feasible for everyone, neither does it guarantee quality and creativity. Hence the need for vacations to rejuvenate.

Have you ever returned from vacation with a new perspective on an old problem? Or felt the excitement to get back to a project? Or forgotten the password to your work computer? These are signs that you have really unplugged during your vacation. Enjoy your time off with the knowledge that you are potentially contributing to your improved productivity and renewed boost.