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The journey to reclaim my mind

As our attention span continues to narrow, I wonder how cognizant we are of the changes to our thoughts and minds.


This article highlights some trends in the corporate wellness industry and summarizes more specific findings of WeBridge research data from 2018 and outlook for 2019.

Client Experience - HNMKY

HNMKY is the largest YMCA in Finland and part of the world's largest youth organisation. The Secretary General and head of HR tell of their growing pains and the role of WeBridge in their employee experience and engagement.

Who are you comparing yourself to?

In WeBridge's work, we routinely see comparisons as one of the causes of stress or discontent, and consequently, a contributing factor to work and personal challenges. As a remedy, it is important to self-reflect and ...

Culture fit or Cultural Contribution, what do you hire for?

look into the once successful companies like Blackberry, Polaroid, Nokia, etc. and the impact of a bad culture or wrong addition. Whether it is arrogance, lack of vision or some other vice, it often points to culture.


Animals, including humans have brains in order to produce adaptable and complex movement. Not to perceive the world not to think, but to move. This is the premise of Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert and Sensopoint puts this into practice.