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The current model was not working

So we created a new path to navigate

We wanted to create a more sustainable wellbeing program, given our own previous negative experiences. The disappointment was that many of the programs companies provided, either worked for a very short period, or barely at all. As we started our business and market research, we found that only 24% of employees participate in these wellbeing programs, mostly those who need it the least. So clearly the solutions were not effective nor efficient.

Additionally, the current model was not working, because all of the suppliers were trying to show why their method/approach/solution should be chosen. This meant that the decision-makers responsible for employee wellbeing in their companies had to select one program from several suppliers that were all offering great-sounding solutions. How do you pick the correct program for your employees from hundreds of solutions? This frustration was confirmed in our market research interviewing several top CEOs, HR heads and managers responsible for wellbeing in their companies.

Several questions therefore remained unanswered: “How to genuinely help all employees find joy at work, be more engaged and productive, while reducing the associated costs?” How to show value of the company’s investment in real figures? And how to increase the number of participating employees?

These were what we decided to focus on…and never looked back.


Identify individual needs, shared interests and employee groups within the company
We create a staff risk analysis and baseline wellbeing report; find strengths and growth areas on company, group and individual level; identify shared needs and employee groups; and specify key focus area(s)

Our main tool for the discovery stage is WeBridge's web application - Easy, Fast and Affordable

Get to know where you are in your company's wellbeing journey; understand what to focus on next and where to get the highest returns; make wellbeing a responsibility on company, group and individual level; save money on unnecessary investments outside the most needed focus area


Design key measures on focus areas
Most companies are good at segmenting their customers, but still cluster their employees according to job title and business unit. We design wellbeing programs separately for each staff segment based on employees’ values, priorities and needs.


Monitor progress and make changes as needed
We are the bridge between our client and the supplier(s) and therefore provide support for efficient implementation of the program. Our evaluation tool (WeBridge App) tracks progress and trends based on an agreed time frame. Furthermore, we provide evaluation of the effectiveness of the chosen programs both in human capital and financial cost savings. We are truly the hub for all your wellbeing needs.